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iPhone 6s won't turn on after battery replacement

I bought a battery replacement from this website and I followed the directions, but my iphone 6s won’t turn on. If I charge it, the apple logo will show up (so battery is connected) but will shut off and go back to logo continuously.

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It is possible that some of the connectors are not plugged in fully. Even if they are off by just a little bit this could cause this kind of behavior. Check your connections and also check the flex cables for damage. If you did not remove the screen there is a higher likelihood of a damaged flex cable. To troubleshoot the battery, you could try reconnecting the original battery in the device and see if you still have the same problem. If that’s the case then there may be damage to a component or the logic board. If replacing the original battery solves the problem then I would get a replacement battery.

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I’d assume the issue is the replacement battery since it sounds like it’s requiring power from an external source to power on at all, as far as the alternatives go there’s none that I’m aware of that would be worth fixing but that’s just in my experience.

My recommendation is to reach out to the supplier and attempt to work out some sort of return/replacement of the part and try reinstalling it, additionally it doesn’t hurt to make sure all connectors have a clean connection with no adhesive partially blocking them because that can easily happen during repair and is a quick fix if it’s the issue.

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Adding on to this answer; it is entirely possible to create new issues by accident during jobs like these. Since it is recommended that you remove the display assembly for a battery replacement, be sure to double-check that those flex cables are clean and seated correctly as well.


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