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Install a 4S camera in a 4?

I have the iPhone 4 as it is

I seen the 4S and there is only one thing that impressed me: Siri

A global phone is useless to me, I do not travel to Euroupe and such

Basically it is a iPad 2 with a 3.5'' screen to me

Bearing in mind my point and shoot gave out in a year in a half(guess that's what I get for buying a 80.00 camera;), never again)

Ok, let's get back on track

A world phone is kinda useless to me, i'd buy a PREPAID phone and unlock it before I go and get a "el-cheapo" sim, roaming fees are crazy!

Would I be better off getting a 4S or try my luck at fitting the camera from a 4S in a 4?

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It is too early to tell if the parts are compatible. Wait for a teardown (most likely the end of this week or next from ifixit). From my experience with apple components, they are likely to be incompatible from a hardware standpoint. And from a software standpoint, the ip4 will not be able to support the new hardware.

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Won't work. Different cameras :-) check on here Will the iPhone 4S camera module work in an iPhone 4?


That sucks, I have no interest in the 4S right now(nor do I think i ever will), i'm waiting for 5


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it is possible, just not worth doing and it isn't something you could do unless you were well... Apple

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