Ps3 fan and network problems

Hi, i have 2 huge problems on my ps3 fat:

at first the Wi-Fi connects and works for the first 10 seconds then shut down, i formatted the ps3 and I checked the flexible connector between motherboard and network chip but nothing changed. Then i re assembled the ps3 and the fan spinned at max speed, so i checked again and i noticed i forgot the bluray connector but i think it doesn’t affect the fan. Well, after connecting the reader i turned on again and the fan didn’t spin. The starting check it Makes 1 or 2 turns and after that it stays off making ps3 turn off for overheating after 1 minute. I disconnected the fan and tested the connector, the voltmeter gives about 11 volts, so i don’t think that the board is dead, could it be only the fan which died now?

and about the network issue?

thanks a lot for your help, I am not an English speaker so I’m really sorry for all my errors, feel free to ask if I was not clear enough. Thanks again.

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I Tried another ps3 fan from a broken One and the fan doesn’t spin.. i think something on the board could be broken. The voltage on the connector is fine tho..


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