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A gaming mouse by Logitech, available in both wired and wireless form factors, released in 2010.

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My Logitech G203 gaming mouse right click button is stiff?

My mouse’s right click button isn’t working like it used to, I have to press down really hard on it for it to actually work, can anybody help me make it work like it used to? (also when i looked up my mouse on here it selected the G700 for me I have a G203 wired gaming mouse)

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Hi @sinz

Sounds like the micro switch inside is wearing off, what I had done is to open up the mice and de solder the old micro switch.

Open it up and check to confirm the part no.

Common Micro Switches used in mouse

Some Best Mouse Switch Part No

Omron D2F-01F

Omron D2FC-F-7N


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