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Damaged backlight component on motherboard?

Hello all,

I had a customer bring in this phone that was run over. It appears to be fully functional, even with the condition of the original screen. However, putting on a new screen showed that the backlight was super dim and had what almost looked to be dead pixels in the bottom left corner. I tried this with two different screens so it is definitely something on the board as opposed to damaged parts.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

That being said, I am looking to get into PCB board repair. Can anyone offer any advice on if repairing the backlight component would be a feasible repair? Or if that is even the issue here?



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Its funny, I had inspected the connectors with readers but didn't see anything, but looking at the LCD connector in the picture there is damage on the plastic there on the right two pins, which from what I can tell online appears to be the pins that are partly responsible for the backlight


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Following up on Justin’s comment, I don’t believe the damage on the connectors to be sufficient to be causing this issue. If the device was run over by a car, there is probably some damage backlight driver circuit. ZXW does have a board view for this device so I would take a look at it but the backlight circuit (there are two identical IC’s) is between the backlight connector and the Lightning port connector.

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