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if I can force the sensor in the computer to act as if its not full

Great info. finally. i had mi ice maker replaced right at the end of the warranty but only after the scumbags at Samsung actually tried to tell me it was out of warranty based on the manufacture date. anyway they did not replace the moto/auger/ir sensor/fan module i believe. i reset it and perfect ice comes down but only resetting it. the bottom section of the 3rd digit is flashing as well as 2 others on the second. i used my cell camera to see the ir sensor and i'm petty sure its not on. (my cell picks up the ir on my tv remotes so i figured id try). my question is do you or anyone here know if i can force the sensor in the computer to act as if its not full? in other words bypass it (digitally)? by the way the new style ice maker does solve the iceberg issue. they added some length to the trough in the back to prevent drips.

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Has anyone figured out this fix? My Samsung stopped making ice because the sensor is telling it ICE BUCKET FULL... when it's not.. I know the ice maker works cause I ran it thru a test cycle and it dropped ice... Just want to override the sensor... I don't want to put anymore money into this fridge


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Pablo Lopez. When you reset the ice maker your bypassing the thermostat that tells the ice maker to dump the ice and refill. If the problem is in the optic sensor the ice maker wouldn’t fill.

In my 35 year career, I’ve never had an issue whit an optic sensor. That doesn’t mean they don’t fail, it’s just not very common.

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My ice make says its full when the tray is empty and it never makes ice. I am wonder the same question? How do I get it to work

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