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Where are the screws in the mouse of hk 8100's Mouse.

Can you tell me where are the location of the screws in HK 8100’s Mouse?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I don’t have this mouse but check the following things as I noticed one of my mice doesn’t have exposed screws:

1) case opens from midline assembly (gently pinch top or bottom half and see if it can pull apart

2) top of case has a thin top which buttons are set into and can pop up and out to reveal compartment

3) recessed screws are hidden under rubber bottom “pads”. Peel up pads to locate screws.

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Hi Drmodolfan,

This advice was very helpful.

The 3rd option was the correct one.

I peel up the pads and found the screws.


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Great! Glad it worked.


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