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This HD video recorder contains an excellent camera mode that records and detachable stereo microphone capsules.

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Why does my Q8 Camcoder suddenly turn off during my recording?

My Q8 Camcoder sometimes turn off when I was recording. I checked the battery and SD card spaces they all look perfectly fine. It is not a problem caused by battery and storage space. I could not find the reason why the camera suddenly blackout during my recording process which makes me very frustrated, and I cannot make a complete recording since I can not predict when it’s going to be dead.

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This is due to a limitation of the .mov file, which the Q8 and Q4 use to record. The maximum size a .mov file can be is 4GB. Once this limit is reached while recording with the Zoom camcorder, it will begin a new file to continue further recording , if this does not happen check in the settings to see if you can continue recording after it has reached the 4gb file size.

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What settings? There is nothing in the settings menu to adjust this that I can see.


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