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Laptops manufactured by Dynabook (formerly Toshiba). Toshiba has since transferred 100% ownership of the laptop business to Sharp.

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Wireless not working in Satellite L955-S5330

How do I remove the back cover to access the wireless card? I have look at similar fixes but the 955 seems different

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@jaxrthedog check this video out. It will at least get you into your laptop. It’s a definite PITA to work on those.

Typical Toshiba. No service manuals available and 100% opposed to DIY repairs.

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Hi @jaxrthedog ,

Have you proved that it is a card problem and not a software problem?

What is the status of the WiFi adapter in Device Manager?

If Win10 is installed, right click on the Win Start button on the left side of the Taskbar and click on the Device Manager link. When in Device Manager scroll down to Network Adapters > right click on the WLAN entry > Properties > General Tab Device status box.

It it is determined that the card is the problem then here’s a video that shows how to open a Toshiba L955 laptop to replace the fan. I realize that this is not the problem but it may be useful as it shows how to access the motherboard. Once there the WiFi card should be able to be located and replaced.

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