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PS4 CUH-1115A HDMI Port Repair Gone Awry. Where though?


I replaced the HDMI port on this ps4 and tried to make sure each of the HDMI back-pins were soldered onto the pads.

Issue:(Yes, I tried safe mode.)

As it is now, the ps4 cannot work on 1080p and is undetectable on my 4k tv, but it works and it is detectable on my 1080p monitor.

2-3 wires for each HDMI cable, that I tested, were apparently going haywire; meaning, I could get continuity from that wire to more than one pin/several pins.

What I tried:

I have checked for unsoldered pins by doing a 'nudge' test. Additionally, I took 2 broken HDMI wires and did a continuity check with each of the soldered pins to each of the 12-15 wires in an HDMI.

Additionally: Pin 12/13( Right starts at 1) might have a bridge in between, could that be a cause for any issues?

I was able to get audio and 1080i from the ps4 and also was able to play a game.

Possible Issues?:

There's stagnant flux near the HDMI pads; since it's, supposedly, conductive is that an issue too? If it were conductive to an abject degree, I wouldn't be able to narrow a port to a wire by continuity test.

Here's how it looks(using a ps4 hdmi pad ground/connection diagram):

Block Image

HDMI correspondence with pins:


Pins labeled:


Update (10/18/2020)

@tronicsfix : Could you please help?

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This sounds like you just have a bridged connector. Apply flux and heat and it should pull the solder to where it needs to be. I would always be safe and replace the port again though. there could be solder in places it should not be where you cant see it.

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