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Released in May 2020, the 13" MacBook Pro features quad-core Intel 10th generation Core i5 and i7 processors, and Intel Iris Plus integrated graphics. (Model A2251/EMC3348 with four Thunderbolt 3 ports)

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Is it more repairable / hardware upgradable than the MacBookpro 2019?

The MacBook Pro 13” 2019 model is said to be 2/10 repairable, which sucks because I want to upgrade my ram / core/ ssd storage. Is the 2020 version 13” easier to upgrade power and storage in the future?

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Well… Lets look at what you can’t upgrade in any of the newer MacBook Pro’s

  • RAM is soldered so what you buy is all you’ll get. Replacing the logic board is the only way to upgrade it which is just not economical.
  • Storage is now using discreet flash chips and the T2 chip as the controller. So you can’t alter the storage as in years past even though Apple did their own blade SSD storage solution (not following there M.2 standard). So again we can’t upgrade it after purchase either!
  • CPU hasn’t been upgradable in any MacBook or MacBook Pro! Again you’ll need to replace the logic board to get a faster CPU.

So from 2016 onward this has been the state of enhancement options internally, nothing is upgradable! The last upgradable system is the 2015 system but only the SSD. The last RAM upgradable system is the 2012 MacBook Pro unibody.

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