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The Google Pixel 2 is Google's second flagship phone, released on October 17, 2017. The phone features a 5-inch AMOLED display and comes with 64 or 128 GB storage options. It is available in three colors: Just Black, Clearly White, and Kinda Blue.

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The sim is not detected, wireless isn't working, usb-C isn't working.

Bluetooth is working. Is the phone fixable?



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You should contact your carrier, you may need a new SIM card or something else may be up that they can help you through.

If you still can't connect wireless network, please contact your Internet Service Provider, router manufacturer, or network administrator.

When you reconnect, check for the latest system update. Updates can bring improvements that help fix issues.

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Thanks Albert. I swapped SIM to another phone, it works, other phone works on wifi and USB. I can't update the Pixel 2 because the only comms is Bluetooth. I could restore to factory but I would like to recover the files off the Pixel 2.


@Colin N Jones Before restoring to factory, better off backing up all your files and data in advance.

Did you encountered all the issues all of a sudden? Make sure that your phone isn't on Airplane Mode.


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