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D-Ram Light on mother board when I turn it on.

D-Ram Light on mother board when i turn it on.

theirs nothing showing on monitors.

motherboard; asus tuf z390 gaming pro

gpu; amd radeon rx 580

ram; ADATA DDR4 32gb( 2 sticks)

power supply; Seasonic cor gm-650, 650 w

what iv tried;

iv re-seated the ram like 5 to 6 times., iv tried 1 stick , iv tried re-seatin the gpu and cpu aswel.

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Hi @planetpatrick

is it a new system? or it happened recently?

possible to get another brand / manufacturer RAM to test out?



@salmonjapan motherboard and psu is new. i ordered new ram. so hopefully thats the issue. i mean , with no ram in, the dram light still comes on


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Hi @planetpatrick ,

If it is a new build just verifying that the ram modules are installed in the DIMM A2 and DIMM B2 slots?

If one ram module only, it should be inserted into the DIMM A2 slot

This is from the user manual

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Also what CPU is installed?

Here’s the Asus supported CPU list for the motheboard.

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Hi @planetpatrick ,

With no ram module inserted it is normal that the DRAM light is on as it indicates that the ram is not properly installed i.e. it cannot be detected or accessed as it is not there as far as the BIOS is concerned.


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