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The Zeepad 7DRK is an inexpensive tablet made by Android and released in May of 2014. This tablet is also is characterized by the apps that are pre-installed in the system, like Youtube, Skype, and Netflix.

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do I need a sim card for my tablet that is not a phone .

Have done everything except buy a sim card. It called 32 sd card. still not working.

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Is there a provision in the tablet to even install a SIM card as I cannot find it in the user manual for the tablet to verify this? If not it cannot be used as a phone as such.

You can connect to the internet via WiFi and then you may be able to use apps such as Google Duo, Skype, Facebook or We Chat etc to contact others but they would also have to be on these platforms as well.

Also as I couldn’t find out what Android OS is installed in your tablet, some of the above apps may not even install or work as they say it “varies with system”, although We Chat does say that it requires Android 5.0 and up to work. In most Android tablets the OS version can be found by going to Settings > About

The SD card provision is only there to increase the data storage of the tablet so that more apps or personal data (pictures etc) can be stored on it, freeing up storage space on the tablet’s internal storage.

Unless the tablets are specifically designed to work with a SIM card and have the apps pre-installed to make phone calls then mostly WiFi only tablets can connect to the internet only which is not the same as being able to make phone calls

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