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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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DSL top slots only reading upon restart after replacing slot?

Ok, I'm new to the repair realm(<1 year) but have repaired Iphones, ipods, laptops, Android phones, xbox 360, PS3, PSP, and (my personal arch nemesis) the Nintendo DSL. Nothing gives me problems like the Nintendo DSL.

Tonight I soldered in two slot 1 game cards into two separate DSL's. I used a weller soldering iron, flux, all that jazz.

No pads were harmed in the process- everything went smooth, my soldering was clean and there are no shorts that I can see with my eye loop, but now the games will not show when inserted after start up. The slots are clear, the pins are brand new and OEM.

Both DSL's will play the games when turned on with a game card inserted. One will automatically load as it powers up, and the other will go to the "dashboard" and show the game on the touch screen where I can open it normally.

Am I missing something here? Could I have overheated a certain chip/part or something?

The fact that it happened twice leads me to suspect that the replacement parts might be at fault, but I might have missed a step.

Additional info-

The person I'm repairing these for had 3 DSLs that all had issues reading the gamecards in slot one. All 3 DSL's are in very good shape, and she looked at me like I had something growing out of my forehead when I asked her if anyone had ever tried to hack the firmware. (i thought it might be a cause for 3 to simultaneously go bad, not sure)

Game cards are cleans and work normally in a "test" DSL I have.

Soldering temp was 575 on the small pins

Temp was 650 when using desoldering braid on the 4 large card attachment points.

All flux was thoroughly cleaned off with q-tip and 91% isopropyl alcohol before closing up the DSL's

(although im using a no-clean flux pen.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long winded post!

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John, I don't know the answer, but if similar problems after repair I'd be tempted to think the parts are faulty.(you've checked your work)


Thanks for the replies! I do believe its the fault of the part. Max, there was very good info in your post. My buddy and I plan on buying a BGA reballer in the near future, but are trying to find a decent price on a quality machine. I looked at my connections again and didn't see any problems so I'm guessing i need a different supplier.

Either way, the customer I was repairing it for has not called back or answered her phone for 3 weeks...Im guessing she's not going to be picking them up anytime soon lol. At least that gives me time to order some new OEM parts and get them working again.

As a final note, I've come to the conclusion that it might be the game. This may be completely false, but I'm going to go pick up a different one tomorrow to see if thats the case.

Thanks again!


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through a scope push on each connection and make sure they are all actually connected. There could still be flux inside the connector. You can get aresol flux cleaner from some electronics places that does a great job of flushing flux out of sockets and what not as it comes out of the can with a lot of pressure. You should also look at the traces and see if any of them go to a drop in the board exceedingly close to the connections that you made. Now that the connectors are on the logic board you might also want to heat up the whole connector to the point that the joints reflow. You can not do this with a regular heat gun, you would need a BGA machine to do this and not ruin the connector or any other plastic components on the board. You should double check the work, however judging by how they all both the same problem an issue with your work is probably not to blame. You should also ask the owner of the units if they had the problem before you brought them in.

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I know this response is many years too late but you never know someone might benefit from it.

I’ve repaired many DSL 15 + and what you described is not a fault. I have one DSL, official/original untouched Slot 1 and many I’ve repaired, is it normal if auto start is not set and your at the dashboard with a game card inserted in slot1 (note: if you remove the card at this point the console would lock up, this is normal)

“One will automatically load as it powers up, and the other will go to the "dashboard" and show the game on the touch screen where I can open it normally.”

You can set it in the option to auto start so this is normal as one of them was probably set not to auto start.

hope this helped

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