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Portable wireless speakers from Logitech released in 2013.

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UE BOOM 3 || Music cuts on / off or stops

EDIT: the gaps in audio / speaker not playing sound happens for below 50% volume too

after a month of using it, my new UE Boom 3 (its a pastel pink green color) randomly cuts out 2-3 seconds of my playing music ( blutooth still connected ) and the music it just sometimes cuts off / goes silent at random times, and keeps playing the music.

i notice it happens when I play it at high volume, (around 50%+ ) and I am not very far away from my device thats hooked up (SEE EDIT FOR DETAILS)

Ive dropped it a few times (no higher than 150cm)

There are no speaker updates nor updates for the app that comes with it ( UE BOOM)

is there anything I can do?

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What is the mucis source? Phone, tablet or PC/Mac IS the music held on the device or streaming from the internet?


@danj it is an iphone 11, and music is from soundcloud or apple music


@titania8cake - OK, what does a downloaded song to your iPhone sound like?



Any song I download or play from anywhere sounds completely fine from my iphone 11-

The speaker is blu tooth based... Im starting to think its a speaker fault.

Sorry for the late reply ^^


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@titania8cake - Hopefully you still have warranty coverage otherwise there is little you can do your self.

Contact UltimateEars

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