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Fridge keeps turning off and back on every few minutes.

We have a Samsung French 4-door chef collection with flex area Model:RF34H9960S4/AA-0000. It randomly just started turning off and then turns right back on but cycles through this every couple of minutes. Can't keep anything in it because it is not holding temp with the constant turning off and back on. Any one with any ideas? We just can not afford $250 + for a repair service since it is out of warranty. Thanks+

Update (11/18/2020)

Sorry just now seeing this!

Block Image

Here is a photo of what we get when we try to run diagnostics. Thanks!

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Hi @kcat0109 ,

Check that the compressor is not getting too hot when it is operating and is being shutdown due to over temp. Be careful not to burn yourself. Compressors are designed to run for long periods of time and may get warm to the touch but not hot.

Here’s a link to the section of the service manual that shows to to perform the various load test diagnostics for the refrigerator.

Also this shows how to test all the sensors,in case one of them is causing the compressor to be told to stop.

Depending on the results shown the following pages may indicate what the problem is.

Hopefully the manual will help you to find the problem.

Update (11/16/2020)

Hi @kcat0109 ,

Not sure what you mean when you say “Only thing that shows is a couple of lines. Top horizontal line and bottom a vertical line.”

As there were no error codes then I’m assuming you mean this is for the diagnostic load test as per p.77 of the manual, is this correct?

If so which two lines do you mean?

Here’s the image of the display from p.77 can you describe which ones they are i.e. R1 a-g or R10 a -g or F1 a-g or F10 a-g

An example would be R1a or R10a for the top horizontal line and F1f & e for a bottom vertical line.

On p.78 it describes what all the LED segments mean

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing.

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Thank you. We did follow those diagnostic steps but no error code presents. Only thing that shows is a couple of lines. Top horizontal line and bottom a vertical line. There is a clicking noise coming from the main PCB board when fridge shuts off. The board is $120 ish to replace but I'm afraid of replacing it and that not be the underlying issue. It really could not have come at a worse time.


Hi @jayeff I added a picture of what we are seeing when we run diagnostics! Thanks



The refrigerator code just says that the external air temp is <21 deg. C

R1 f & d

The freezer code is more complicated:

F1 codes a, b,e & g

F10 codes b,c & g

It seems as though it is just verifying that the fans are working or have worked in the freezer compartment.

I don't know.

Did you check the compressor temp, you didn't say?

It may be a faulty compressor or a control board.

Sorry I can't help any more with this one.


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Check to see if the evaporator coils aren't frozen. If the coils are frozen it probably is a defrosting issue.

Check the capacitor and relay on the compressor.

Make sure the condenser coils are not covered in thick dust.

Check to see if both condenser and evaporator coil fans are working.

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