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The Surface Book 3 13.5" is a hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft and released in May 2020.

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Help me milk spilled on my keyboard and it isn't working!

Help me please my baby sister spilled Chocolate milk on my keyboard and now it isn't working! I need it for my classes

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The problem isn't with the keyboard. They will work (somewhat) even when wet, and are not afraid of short-outs (since they are effectively a grid of switches)

The problem is that the circuit on the PCB inside the base likely was damaged (shorted/blown).

And that, is quite a pain. Get it replaced.

At least it's a surface book. A regular laptop will probably just die on spot.

My friend had a similar issue where her laptop had broken down after she spilled some milk tea on it.

I warned her about the potential consequences if the liquid is not immediately dealt with, and offered to “repair” her laptop for free. But she was too busy.

A few days later she approached me with a sad face and a laptop with no sign of life.

The liquid must have travelled far enough and wrecked havoc on the components internally, since I cannot identify the damaged modules (and never worked even after the board is cleaned & dried).

I lent her my only laptop. She refused.

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Hey Jade,

If you can tear it apart enough to get to the motherboard you should be able to look at the ribbon that connects to the keyboard. You will also be able to see if there is any sign of water (milk) damage. Depending on its age you may be able to get it fixed under warranty, but if not you could always try a replacement keyboard if there are no other signs of damage to other parts.

Hope this helps!

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