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Introduced by Columbia Records in 1948, the LP (Long Play), or 33 1/3 rpm microgroove vinyl record or album, is an analog sound storage medium commonly used for the phonograph or turntable.

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Old recordings of siblings voices on 48

The records are cracked but we can still hear the voices. Is there a way to retrieve the sound onto another medium?

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If you have a turntable it is easy to move to computer. Take your pick

How to copy vinyl records to your PC without USB


How to copy vinyl records to your PC with USB


This is the one I use because of the pre-amp stage. Not all amps have the phono preamp.

There is freeware software such as Audacity that can remove the clicks, etc. ALWAYS make sure you backup the recoding several times incase you make a mistake while learning how to use Audacity or which ever software you select.

Audacity is best if you zoom in and mute rather than delete the click. Deleting the click produces a timing error which is noticeable, you don't seem to notice the mutes. You will need a lot of patience, some commercial software removes clicks automatically but the results can be a bit hit and miss, it depends on how fussy you are. (Thx to anthony david for this tip.)

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