Apple Watch 4 won’t turn on after battery replacement


I have a really complicated case here, and i want to understand what could potentially be the issue.

I had 2 watches, one was icloud locked the other had a broken screen. Swapped the screens, worked for a day. Started showing granity/fuzzy screen. Swapped & soldered the flex display cabes. Was working good, but then noticed problems on wifi/bluethooth conectivity. Saw a fix here on ifixit, so, opened it again fixit it. It was working good, but i had forgotten to swipe the battery’s because i thought that the other one was in much better state.

Doing this last procedure of swapping the battery’s, something have gone wrong. Immediatly after conecting the new battery, i saw the snake image saying the battery had no charge. So , i thought it was ok. Started to close the watch, and putted just a little bit of glue on back of the battery for it to stick to the board (as it should?) and removed the old glue all around the screen with a swab of cotton and alcohol. Applyed the new glue and closed the device. And then, it didnt turn on anymore.

Opened it again. The connectors seemed to be good; swapped battery’s again, no missing pieces, and it still doesnt turn on. No apple logo at all, and it is not connecting to the phone. I left him charging and it is warm, both the back of the device and the battery.

What could have happened? What was the problem? The glue in beetween the battery and the motherboard? The álcool applyied around the screen/chassis to remove the old glue?

And, a final question: does it power on with a damaged force touch basket (if it is damaged)?

Thanks for helping guys

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