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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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Is a MacBook's bottom casing lowering an issue?

My Macbook Pro (13 in., 2 Thunderbolt, 2019) has a lower metal casing that’s starting to lower, especially in certain corners. The back (display side) left corner is affected the worst, but no more than a millimeter or so:

Block Image

It’s still enough that I feel it though so I just want to confirm it isn’t something to be worried about.

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Did you bang your system or over extend the hinge pressing it to far back?


@danj No, I don't remember any specific time that that's happened. I've had a few dings here and there but nothing of much significance, and there aren't any noticable dents.


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What I worry about is the battery maybe failing causing it to press on the cover. As your system is still likely covered under warranty I would get it into an Apple Store or authorized service center to get it looked at. You may want to get the AppleCare+ contract to be safe.

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