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How do I replace backlight fuse? Replaced the screen but no backlight

We replaced a broken screen with a new screen. Now there’s no backlight. suspect fuse is blown.

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dkibby714  schematics may or may not be available for your specific motherboard. We would need to see any identifying marks on it. Also, post some really good pictures of both side off your board. That way we can try and assist further. Remember that it could be a fuse but could also be the LED driver or even the connector. You’ll need the schematic and at least a multimeter and we need to see what board you got.

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Also what is the make and model number of the LCD panel that you replaced the original with?

Did it have a Lenovo part number (go to Select Commodity > LCD panels)on it or did you verify that it is compatible with the laptop?

Finding the datasheet for the panel may also help to find the fuse for the backlights as it will show the pinout for the panel.

Just verifying that the laptop battery was disconnected during the replacement procedure?


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