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This Samsung Tablet was first released in May 2015 and can be identified by its 9.7 inch diagonal screen. The model number of the device is “SM - T550.”

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Modifications and Fpc connector


I was wondering if one removed the sim card port from motherboard. Would tablet still work and would it still pick up imei number or would it just be wifi. Also what fpc connector is needed for touch screen 70 or 90pin

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I want to make my tablet a wifi only and remove the sim card port for this reason


3708-002183 doesn't seem long enough for the connectors


I am certain that your tablet will not go through the POST test since the sim card connector is considered a critical component for this to happen.


Ok no worries was just experimenting to be honest


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@monkey64 that should be connector SLC600 which is a 45P,0.3MM,SMD-A,AU connector. Samsung part number for that is 3708-002183

Not sure why you would want to remove the sim card port. Explain that one a bit more….

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