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Apple's line of PowerBook laptops was intended for the professional and power users. The PowerBook line includes the PowerBook 100, Duo, 500, and 5300 Series; the PowerBook 1400, 2400, 3400; the PowerBook G3, G4 Titanium, and G4 Aluminum.

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"E" key doesn't work on PowerBook

Hi! I've tried cleaning the contacts (only by removing the key cover) with Caig DeOxit several times but to no avail. Is this a dirty contact that must be cleaned by full disassembly? Any ideas? Thank you very much!


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Hi! When the key cover is off, and you press down on the bouncy piece in the center of the key, does that work? If so, it's a mechanical issue that may require you replace the plastic scissor contraption under the cover (you can get these and keys themselves on eBay for a few dollars), and if not, likely an electrical trace on the keyboard has been crimped/cut/etc., and you'll need a new keyboard.

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Thanks! Alas, the key does not work with the cover off, or even if I press directly on the contact with a probe. It sounds like I need a new keyboard. Glad there are parts and instructions here in order to do the job, even if keyboards are a little pricey. Thanks for your help!


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