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Repair guides for displays (or monitors) for computers or other devices with video output.

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LG FLATRON W2753VC - Repair - Fix - Problem - Sleep/Hibernation

Hello, I got a really decent monitor from the 2010 LG FLATRON W2753VC. I wanted to use it as a second monitor but it has a problem. When the system Sleeps/Hibernates it doesn’t come back awaken with the system, so I have to turn it off from the power outlet to come back and show me the OS environment. Also, it makes subtle artifacts and shows strange colors that shouldn’t exist randomly at times. I tried everything software-wise and all kinds of supported cables - also different systems and GPUs. I decided to disassembly it check it and clean the plaquette with isopropyl alcohol. What is confusing is that sometimes it functions normally for a small amount of time. The plaquette seemed not in the better shape in some places. Since I am new to this kind of repairing I want advice on how to proceed and if I can make it work at all. Thanks in advance!

Block Image

Block Image

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@lagoman your PSU looks like it has/had issues with heat. Look at the discoloration, something got toasty on that. You can repair it if you have a schematic (I have checked and cannot find one) or replace it (that is what I would do). If that does not fix your washed out image, then the issue will be with the mainboard (most likely a bad Gamma IC)

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Yeah i was inclined to do this. Can i trust a high rated seller on ebay to order something like this or i will have high chance to get a defect part? Thanks for your answer


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there is another section which is the mainboard, check more on it.

ensure the lvds cable to the t-con board is well connected.

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