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Выпущено 21 сентября 2018 г. Модели A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104. Доступен как GSM, CDMA / eSIM или nano-SIM / 64, 256 или 512 ГБ / серебристый, золотой или космический серый. (Произносится как «iPhone 10 S Max.»)

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Reboots every 3:08 Minutes.

Phone was updated from iOS 13 to 14 and, since then, has begun to reboot every 3 minutes.

Though there were no issues prior to the update, rear housing has been replaced and all parts are original except for the screen.

Have attempted:

  • Placing back the original screen
  • Removing the sim card
  • Booting it with all cables unplugged(including either the power or charge port cables)
  • Formatting through PC

The screen glitches just a bit prior to shutting down. Small greyer line in the bottom and flashes a bit. It looks exactly like a hard reset, actually. Performance is also noticeably slower. It doesn’t reboot when locked and idle. The phone is also peculiarly marked as a Demo model on 3uTools. No clue as to the origin. It will occasionally notify that the battery is not original, despite this being untrue.

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There could be a number of reasons it is re-booting but if it does it around a set time it usually turns out to be a faulty charging port or battery. I would put the logic board into a known good housing to rule out parts but this is usually not an option for the everyday person so I would be looking at the battery and charge port assembly.

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Should this not have come alight when I turned it on completely unplugged, though? Otherwise you imply the absence of these parts immediately causes the mentioned problem on all phones.


@Smeargle The parts I mentioned talk to the logic board as Devin said the charge port on the X Series up have a sensor and the battery sends data to the phone that’s why a set time it re-boots would point to either of these parts.


I'll follow up after I give it a shot.

Better be the &&^&^$ case or I'll be dealing with a very serious loss...


Charge port done and did it.



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Had this very same problem with an iPhone X immediately following a housing swap. I contacted STS Telecom (Which I totally recommend for data recovery) and the technician informed me that the iPhone X will restart by itself every 3 minutes if the charging port is not connected or it is broken. I went on eBay and ordered a high-quality replacement cable ($10-$15) and viola it was working good as new! I know this may not be the exact problem, but I hope this helps!

P.S From what I have heard, there is a temperature sensor on the cable and if the cable does not have that or it is damaged it will cause the phone to have a kernel panic and thus shutting the phone down. so make sure you have a good quality cable!

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I move the XS Max scarcely. Guess I'll have to take a gamble in ordering the part.


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