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Victrola 8-in-1 turntable will not turn

I just got a Victrola 8-in-1 only in May. Now the turntable will not turn. I have followed all the troubleshooting tips barring taking it apart to look at the motor or belt. I never had this problem until I played a 45. When I tried to play an LP the next day (today), the turntable would not turn. Brand new! Power is fine and I tried the screw adjustment tip. What caused the turntable to stop?

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Hi @fixmyturntable,

With the tonearm moved into the playing position, can you hear audio (noise in speakers) if you gently rub the stylus, indicating that there is power when the player is in the phono mode?

Just verifying the it is in ‘phono’ mode?

Does it still work for 45 rpm speeds, you didn’t say?

If it doesn’t work for any of the speeds selected and there is power when in phono mode, then there may be several causes.

i. Microswitch that is operated when the tone arm is moved away from the ‘at rest’ or ‘home’ position and over a record may not be operating.

ii. Faulty speed selector switch.

iii. Loose or broken belt (only if you can hear the motor operating with the tonearm in the play position)

iv. Faulty turntable drive motor.

v. Fault in the power circuit to the motor.

Since it is “new’ to prevent voiding the warranty by opening the unit to check what is wrong it may be better to contact the manufacturer about a warranty repair. Here are their details TOLL FREE# 1-877-ITECH-97 (1-877-483-2497).

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Thank-you jayeff. After I gently rubbed the stylus I heard nothing. The mode was set to phono, and the turntable does not turn at any speed (33, 45 or 78). I am a vinyl lover--and I have a much nicer turntable in my main "listening room"--and I got this inexpensive Victrola 8-in-1 to put in another room. That said, I am reluctant to take it apart but I understand that might be necessary in order to fix the problem. I might not find a shop open to service it in these times. But it is disappointing that such a new turntable would end up "broken" so soon. Again, the problem arose only after I played a 45. Never happened before when I only played albums, but after I played a 45 and then the next day tried to play a 33 rpm album, the turntable wouldn't turn. I hear no motor operating when the tonearm is in the play position either.


Hi @fixmyturntable

No sound from the stylus is a concern as to me this indicates that there is no power for the phono pre-amp input into the amp or possibly for the amp itself. Also no motor sound again indicates no power.

Do the other functions of the player work? If so then it may just be a power problem connected to the phono section or even a software problem not operating something when the phono option is selected

If playing the 45 worked and then it was switched off and wouldn't restart then it may just be a coincidence and it may have failed anyway if it were a 33 instead.

Did you try the manufacturer?

Still might be worth a call to them if only to express your disappointment that their "quality" product failed so soon. It should still be covered by the warranty so you never know what the outcome may be by giving them a call.


Don't these players just have a leaf switch that turn it off after the record has played? I thought it also cuts the power to the turntable which in turn would cut the power to the amp/stylus as well. Have you checked things under the turntable yet?


The turntable stops once the needle reaches the inner grooves, yes. The tonearm remains on the disc and does not return to the side. Could you please tell me how I am to check things under the turntable? Do I have to remove it? I am wary of taking it apart but if it means just inspecting something I will have a look. Thanks for your reply.


@fixmyturntable yes you would have to disassemble it. Not sure if this one has a turntable that lifts out or if it can be accessed from the back. If unsure and since this is a relatively new unit, you want to be selective with what you do. If it is covered under warranty etc., use that since you have paid for that.


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