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Repair guides and disassembly information for Apple's 7th generation of iPads.

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LCD displaying flickering lines. Opened it and cannot find problem.

My sister gave me my nephew’s ipad 7 (A2197) because it was displaying a black screen with one section in the middle displaying gray. I tried tapping it, heating it, putting pressure near where the connectors sit to no avail. Thought it may be bad connection from a drop. I have since opened the unit removing the digitizer. Used a card to break battery connection so I could remove and examine LCD. I see no damage or faulty connections. I guess my question is, is the LCD just bad? What would make the LCD just go bad with no physical damage? Could it be a software or separate hardware issue?

I should add that after removing digitizer and charging the unit the LCD displays alot more lines and alot more colors as with digitizer it was mostly black with some gray. Not sure if that means anything. Anyways, any advice would be helpful so I can buy the parts and repair for them if possible.

Update (12/10/2020)

I don’t think ill have luxury of getting my hands on one to use for testing unfortunately. Which is the crux of my problem. I don’t want to have her spend $300+ dollars on a new screen and digitizer only to find out its not working because of some other issue even though all signs point to bad LCD.

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Electronics are prone to degenerate and act up over time, in your case it looks to be a defective LCD.

If you have good rapport with a local repair shop, borrow a replacement LCD to troubleshoot; otherwise you’ll have to buy a new one.

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