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Repair guides for the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015), released June 2015.

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Samsung galaxy J5 screen flickering


I have bought this Samsung Galaxy J5 2015.

it works for a minute, then the screen starts flickering with random colors and its glitching and then it turns off, but the phone is still on. (as seen in photos).

what do I do?

thanks for your help

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You could try to mirror the screen to determine if it is a display problem or perhaps a systemboard problem, before you open up the phone.

If the mirrored image is OK then more than likely it is a display problem or display connection problem, although it still could be a systemboard problem but this is less likely.

The phone will need to be opened and the display flex cable connection to the systemboard checked to ensure that it is a secure. If it appears to be OK then the display will have to be temporarily replaced and the phone checked to see if it is now OK.

Here’s a teardown video that may be of some help.

Replacement displays are available online. Just search for Galaxy J5 2015 LCD Digitizer Display Replacement to get results for suppliers.

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