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Western Digital (WD) Solid State Drive (SSD) Available in 2.5” 7mm and M.2 2280 models 120GB or 240GB

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ADD Internal memory on HP elitebook by adding M2 memory

Hy all

I need to add memory to my HPelitebook laptop.

It used to be corporate, so i switched it by putting SSD & add RAM, changed battery also & supply BUT i need to add internal memory…There is a physical m2 slot !

I dont want to just add ext HDD…might be much less portable & i already have 3 back-ups…readable !

So, simple… will the bios/efi automaticaly recognise the adding ?

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Oh, i changed os also for W$ is a bit too much...propriatory !




In fact adding crucial or kingston is ok with me...just need to add about 250gigs !


Hi @ourck19 ,

What is the model number of the laptop?

if there is a spare M.2 slot then the BIOS will recognize it but you may have to initialize it in your OS.

I assume that you mean that you want to add extra internal storage and not memory as memory usually means RAM.

HDD, SSD and M.2 etc are storage device types


@jayeff , i boosted RAM to max, that is 16gigs...Enough for me, i'm not a gamer!

So definitely the question is for adding extra internal storage using M.2 spare slot.



Hello @jayeff ..You seem to be quite far away !!!


So talking of this HP elitebook G2…quite old, but i’ve had good surprises….

Second hand, i guess a corporate laptop, there use to be a 180intelSSD!

My datas keeps on increasing endlessly so i just need more space !

I was thinking of just adding a 250 m2, dont really care about the brand,

guess they all are made in kind of same PRC… I wonder about THE screw !

What do u think of my logic… Oh, I’m playing with Fedora(33)! Workstation !

Not to many updates, like say Arch, so i stick to it…



(Please excuse my broken English…I’m French & kind of distro hopper !)


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Hi @ourck19 ,

There are a lot of different Elitebook G2 models (see 5th and 6th Generation section).

Once you know the exact model number of the laptop, search online for HP Elitebook ((insert model number ) G2 manual to get to the support page and then find the maintenance and service guide

Here’s an example only for how to find the HP Elitebook 740 G2 maintenance and service guide

Click on the 1st result (support.hp.com >)to get the support page

When on the support page click on Manuals and then click on maintenance and service guide link to get the guide.

The guide will show you the steps to install the M.2 SSD.

Here is just one supplier of SSD’s etc. Type HP in the manufacturer’s box and then select it when it appears, then type Elitebook in the next box and select it and then find your exact model number in the last box and select it. You will then be given all the SSDs and types of SSD i.e. sata and M.2 that are compatible with the laptop.

You don’t have to use the supplier but at least you know what is compatible

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Bonjour @jayeff , many thanks for quick and very documented reply…

Obviouly i will check on the links you suggested before buying anything…

Usual updates for fc33 is ~80mo, so the proper adding will give me time !

Unlike many users i never walk in store to buy the newest laptop just because…

I always try to replace/add/update, try to just wake-up so called old machines…

I’m no “green-something” but just a simple human guy that tryies to understand

how things work & also try to never be afraid of doing things myself…

Once again, many thanks, i’m very gratefull

Have a nice day

Fred (fr-FR UTF8)


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