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Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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My brother printer doesnt have the WLAN option to connect to wifi

I got my brother MFC-7360N printer secondhand for christmas, i want to scan and print some artwork i have created but it tells me theres no connection. Ive looked at many tutorials and manuals online but when i select network it doesnt give me the WLAN option to continue, can anyone help?

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Hi @cursella art,

Hi Cursella Art, from I see on the specs of the printer, there is no wireless interface on the printer.


but, you can connect a lan cable from your router to your brother printer and setup as a network printer.

that is the best way to setup the printer to be able to print from network.

let us know if you need any help in the setup.

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Hi! Can you explain more on how to connect a Lan Cable to Brother printer and set it up as a network? When it is setup, do we have to have the cable always connected to the printer or we can take it off and the printer is setup for good for the network! Sorry I am not to Technical and just bought it second hand and the guy did not tell me that the printer cannot work wireless! Any Doc or step by step process to get this done for the novice people?




What is the model number of the printer?


Model number is MFC-7360N and the Ser # is U62700J1N938677!



Here's the user manual

Go to p.115 to see how to set the Firewall settings (For Network users) in Windows.

There is also a Mac section but I don't know about Mac.

You can disconnect the cable and the settings should remain but it may take some minutes for the printer to re-establish a connection to the router again when the cable is plugged back in and the printer is turned on


P 115 is talking about the Modem ?


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The “N” connotation at the end of the model name MFC-7360”N” indicates that it is only network ready using ethernet and not wireless. If it had a wireless capability, it would have a “W” in it’s model name. eg. MFC-7360W. So no that model does not have wireless/WLAN capability.

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