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Epson's L220 is ideal for home and home office users looking for good-quality, ultra-low-cost printing, scanning, and copying. Released around 2016.

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My L220 epson printer ink and bond paper red lights are blinking

My printer isn't lacking out of ink. Also, my printer doesn't print, itdoesn't want to get/bite the bond paper in. The red lights keep on blinking please help ASAP

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Are the printer lights flashing together or alternatively (one after the other)? Also are any other lights flashing?

Usually, lights flashing means:

1) Paper light on or flashing: printer out of paper, paper jam

2) Ink light on or flashing: printer out of ink, ink tanks need refilling etc

3) Paper and ink lights flashing together (as well as other lights possibly flashing): scanner error, printer error - turn printer on/off, if it doesn't go away it may have to be repaired/serviced or replaced
4) Paper and ink lights flashing alternately (one after the other - also other lights may flash): parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life, can be fixed for about £/€/$10 with a self-service, see this similar question: My epson L220 printer : ink and paper red light blinking alternately

Hope this helps

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