iPhone does not turn on, but still shows a few signs of life.

So previously I came in here asking for help because I had an issue with my display, which turned out to be defective and ifixit sent me a new one. After I replaced the new display, everything was working fine, the phone seemed to be working perfectly again.

However, after a few hours using it, the display just went black, just like that, suddenly. The screen was still lit up, but it was black. The phone still seemed to vibrate by using the mute unmute button or by keeping the home button pressed. I assumed there was a problem with the cables and that the connectors were not properly seated, so I opened the phone and reseated them (obviously disconnecting the battery before touching the display cables). After that, my phone never seemed to turn on again.

I can’t use my power button so the only way to turn on the phone is to connect it to a power source. There are two things that tell me it isn’t completely bricked:

  1. It heats up when I connect it to a power source.
  2. It is recognized when I connect it to my computer.

At first I thought it would be a display issue, but if it was a display issue, it would still light up, wouldn’t it? It doesn’t vibrate when I use the mute/unmute or the home button. Also, my old display doesn’t work either. So it’s unlikely that the issue is in the display. I also doubt it’s a battery issue. The battery is new. It heats up when it’s connected to a power source. The phone also doesn’t light up when I connect it without a battery. If I leave the phone in the open for a few days and connect it to my pc, it is not recognized. Only after I leave it charging for a few minutes and plug it in again it’s recognized, which makes me believe there is nothing wrong with the battery, since it seems to be charging and discharging normally.

Could it be a logic board issue? Please note that, since my power button is broken, I can’t hard reset the phone or try any other tricks that require the use of the power button. Also, I am currently not able to connect my phone to itunes, so that option is out too. Is there anything else I could do? I was thinking of taking it to a phone repair shop, but unfortunately, my country’s currently under lockdown, so no luck for me, at least for the next few weeks. Until then, I would like to try every option available to me. Replacing the logic board is not an option since I have data in here that I don’t want to lose.

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