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2.4GHz, 2.7GHz, or 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache. Released February 2013.

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Why won't this thing turn on?

I bought this laptop to refurbish it. I got a new display, top palm rest along with keyboard, aftermarket battery, and aftermarket charger.

My first time fully taking it apart and replacing damaged parts, it worked. I was able to login and take care of some stuff.

I didn’t adhere to the battery and I also forgot to install the backlighting cable. I went to finish it off by fully installing the battery and reconnecting that wire. Now, the MacBook will not boot.

All I get is the fans spinning when it’s plugged in, nothing at all when it’s not plugged in. I got it to work for a second but it booted up playing the sound and the cut out again and did the same thing on repeat.

Now I can’t even get it to play the boot sound anymore. I have taken it apart again and reassembled it. Still the same thing.

When it’s plugged in, I can hear the fans going higher in RPM and then lower like in a pattern. Not sure what’s going on. I already tried resetting SMC and trying with and without battery. If it’s not plugged in, the laptop does nothing at all.

Please help LMAO! I’m going nuts.

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What happens when you disconnect the keyboard backlight ribbon cable?


same thing. I actually started to get it sorta working last night. It keeps playing the bootup sound but does not show the logo and then cuts out and repeats that process. So it seems like something is causing a problem?


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Sorry, I think its time to find a new logic board

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nothing else you think I can try?


Sorry - Thats it


@danj Got it! I'll get the logic board checked out by a company I know that's very good for that kind of thing. Thanks!


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