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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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Screen not displaying anything but still working.

My iPad pro display nothing while and after reboot or recovery mode. I plugged my iPad to PC and I can see my iPad screen Touching is working and voice over is still functional.

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hello Mark,

quite important question: did it happen after screen replacement or fall? Of course, sometimes the screens also stop working by themselves, but that doesn't happen often. We need to find out what the last moment of a working tablet was. If this cannot be determined, you will need to seek the service of a professional technician.

In your case, the tablet works without turning on the screen - look at it in a dark room. Is there a slight illumination from the LCD backlight? The answer will narrow your search a bit.

ahead of time (for other readers): if this happened after screen replacement and the backlight works. Another question: did someone disconnect the power from the motherboard when replacing the screen? If not, we are looking for burnt induction parts near the video socket. If so (I always assume that if so, he did it wrong - it only applies to tablets), we are looking for video signal paths on the motherboard. Unfortunately, in both cases it cannot be fixed without microelectronics equipment and without much knowledge of the subject. Rather not for home repair.

  • regards,

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Hi tojaert, thanks for your reply

my iPad did not have screen replacement or any repair before. In the morning my iPad works as usual . I put it on my bed and left for a while . When I was back, the iPad just had no response at all.

The problem is there is only illumination from the LCD backlight. No empty battery logo , no apple logo when I reboot. When I connected it to my MacBook using QuickTime (After fully charged), it did show normally on my MacBook Screen. Sound and Touch worked perfectly fine just nothing showing except backlight .


Update :

After serval days, the battery went out. I tried to turn it on and weird thing happened. It showed the empty battery logo and I charged it immediately. I was waiting for charging and when it reboot I saw just a second of the screen working (showing home screen) . I thought I fixed it and waited for 5 mins to charge it . However the same problem still occurred(only backlight).

The problem occurred when I charge it. When the battery truly went out it can show the empty battery logo. For more detail: I am using a IKEA lighting (Mfi cable ) for both iPhone and iPad.


hello Mark,

try to switch to DFU mode and restore the device (without data backup). Remember that the battery should not be less than 50%


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Your LCD, may be broken . You would need to buy a new LCD or send it to Apple

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