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Repair guides and support for LED, LCD, HD and other Vizio TVs.

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Tv turns on and off and is very dim

I have a 65” Vizio D65-E0. Just the other day it began to turn itself off and on when connected to my fire stick as well as when I open the apps installed to the tv. Also the screen is very dim (part of the bar up top that shows the channel and WiFi signal is barely visible). I’ve contacted Vizio and they gave me basic reset instructions before basically telling me my tv was useless now. In need of a second opinion before I throw it out.

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Turning on and off, is usually a sign of the power supply electrolytic capacitors having a high ESR. Testing ESR requires an actual ESR meter, but you can open it up and visually inspect them still. If the tops have dommed, they need replacing.

This is usually the main cause of TV issues, but being dim could indicate a bad LCD driver board.

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Would it be okay if I provide you with a video of what I’m seeing just to be sure that I’m getting the right thing fixed? The tv only flickers during video play and it’s no longer dim on the whole screen but the left half of the info bar up top is very dim. Also I’ve noticed a fairly large dark spot in the top left of the screen.


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