iPhone 6 stuck on Apple loading bar at last 0.5mm doesn't complete.

Hello… please here I am experiencing this in 2021 on my iPhone 6, it was working fine for years the last OS i was using before the problem was 12.4.9 just out of my stubbornness I woke up that let me update the OS to the latest, I upgraded to 12.5.1 and got stuck on the Apple logo progress bar at the very end 0.5mm for i’d say 8 hours, when the phone booted to home screen, I realized that couple things aren't working date and time was wrong and in the phone settings. “Date and Time” wasn't working, “Privacy” wasn't working “Reset” wasn't working… and what I mean by wasn't working is that When You click those items “ it becomes Highlighted in gray and freeze the settings app and then Crash to home menu again, until u go back to settings to repeat same process which gives same results. So I decided to reset the phone using 3Utools via PC, it did reset but again it got stuck same on the Last 0.5mm for roughly 8hours again. When it booted to home screen, same thing happened, somethings in phone settings doesn't work. Same things that weren't working before. So this time around I downloaded the Firmware via iTunes and 3Utools, I restored the phone on normal recovery mode initially, phone got stuck on the last 0.5mm progress bar, waited for the 8hours to see if it will boot to home screen as it does before, this time around it didn't, i waited more hours about 14hrs still stuck in that position. So I decided to do more restore using 3Utools and iTunes in DFU mode, it just never came up to home screen anymore. I DFU restored and waited in that last 0.5mm progress bar for 24hrs it never came to home screen anymore…. Please has anyone experienced this before and fixed it?? I have no other phone.

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