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The TP-LINK Archer C7 is a wireless router with support for using both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. It was announced on June 11, 2013.

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power adapter port may be damaged?

The cylindrical end of my power adapter fits too loosely into my archer 2300 router port, and it loses connection if I so much as breathe in it. Any way I can make it fit more snugly? Is it easy to replace the faulty port?

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Hi @rapidhandler ,

Is it the original power adapter that came with the router?

If not there are two DC power plugs that are very close in size and perhaps the adapter that you have, has the wrong size plug.

There is a 2.5mm and a 2.1mm size. The sizing refers to the diameter of the centre pin and ring connector in the socket and plug as both types have an overall outside diameter of 5.5mm

It is very hard to judge 0.4mm by just looking at it.

The 2.5mm plug will fit into a 2.1mm socket but it is not a snug fit between the centre pin of the socket and the centre ring connector of the plug so there may be intermittent connections. i.e. 2.5mm centre ring connector of plug fits over 2.1mm centre pin of socket.

You can get a 2.1mm socket to 2.5mm plug adapter (supplier example only) to overcome this problem if the adapter plug size is 2.5mm and the router socket size is 2.1mm

The 2.1mm plug will not fit into a 2.5mm socket, i.e. 2.1mm centre ring connector of plug will not fit over 2.5mm centre pin of socket.

If you have the original adapter that came with the router then try the following to determine if the socket is loose from the circuit board or not.

Insert the power adapter plug into the router but do not plug the other end of the adapter into anything!

Then grab hold of the router firmly in one hand and grab hold of the adapter plug which is inserted into the router with the other hand and gently, stress gently try to move the plug up and down and side to side to check if you can detect any movement in the socket.

If there is then the router will have to be opened and the socket connection to the circuit board inspected.

If the socket is faulty then DC sockets are available online. Just search for 12V DC power sockets to find what you need.

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Thanks for all the info.


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