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The March 2019 refresh of Apple's iPad Mini tablet, featuring an A12 Bionic SoC and an updated True Tone Retina display with Pencil support. Available in Wi-Fi and LTE with 64 and 256 GB storage options.

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Will Ifixit ever sell Ipad Mini5 battery, if not then where purchase?

I noticed that I cant find an Ipad mini 5 battery to buy here on this site, the product came out 2019 and there still isnt a battery made. The new SE already had batteries for sale. Will ifixit ever make this battery for Ipad mini 5? If not, then is there another website where quality batteries are sold? I only trust ifixit brand, but I really want to buy new ipad mini, I only like to buy products that I can fix, but that time is self-repair is comming to an end starting with apples new iphone 12.

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If iFixit hasn’t sold a battery yet, I doubt they ever will. You can find high-quality batteries on sites like eBay and Amazon.

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