A 17" LCD Display for an Apple computer produced between 2001 and 2004.

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Yellow vertical fuzzy bands appeared on apple studio display

This is an oldish (2001) apple studio display model m7649 I've read that this fault could be the lcd panel. Is there any chance of an economic repair?

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Reseating graphics card made no difference, but reinstalling original graphics card seems to have fixed the problem. So far so good.


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The only M9217 I know of the a Apple XServe G5, 2.00GHz DP (M9217*/A)

This could possibly be a video card issue so reseat it it if you can or tell us what machine you are using the monitor with.

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Sorry- model is M7649 (2001). PM G4 with ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and via Apple DVI to ADC adapter. I'll try reseating it, and if no improvement put back original graphics card. This setup has been working fine for quite a few years, although occasionally display shows a bit of flicker and yellowish hue on startup, then rapidly returns to normal.


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