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Выпущен в июне 2017 года как преемник Surface Pro 4. Также известен как Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3». Номер модели: FJT-00001.

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Surface Tcon Device cannot start (STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE)

Replaced battery and screen on Surface Pro 5. After reassembling I powered on the device and started up ok, but a portion of the screen wasn’t responding. to touch. I shut it down and disassembled to check my connections but when I did I removed one of the connectors improperly. This damaged the pins slightly. I was able to gently bend them into place and when I pushed the ribbon cable into it seemed to connect in just fine. Removing the ribbon cable and inspecting the pins again looks ok to my eyes, but when I power on the device there is no backlight, the microsoft logo flashes a couple times and the display goes black. Connecting to a external display shows the device powered on just fine. I’ve checked all my other connections and they seemed fine. I’m stuck looking at the connector I damaged but it too looks like it should be working still. Anyone have a schematic or can at least tell me which ribbon cable provides power (left or right) to the display.

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Did you disconnect the battery before you dis-assembled it again to check the connectors?

I realize that you said that the logo flashes once or twice but when the display turns black, try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen and check if you can detect any images at all. They will be very faint so trying this in a darkened room may help to see them if they are there.

If they are there then there is a backlight problem although since you get the logo this means that the backlight power supply is basically OK and it may possibly be a connection problem.

I don’t know about your model laptop but with a lot of laptops the backlight power is always being supplied to the screen and a signal is sent on the backlight enable lead between the motherboard and the screen to either turn the backlights on or off.

Without a schematic of the board or the datasheet for the display panel it is hard to know which wire it would be on between the two. Maybe try searching for (insert motherboard’s board number) schematic or if you still have the old display panel, (insert make and model number of display panel) datasheet to hopefully get a result. The board number is printed on the motherboard itself and the display make and model number should be on the back of the display somewhere.

Try getting into BIOS and check if there is a display and that it stays on. Just an idea as during POST the display is controlled by the BIOS but once it boots and loads the OS it is controlled by the video drivers telling the BIOS what to do.

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