Why is my 2006 Kia Rio idling & then accelerating up to 3k RPM in park

Please bear with me because I'm not car savvy so I'll try my best to explain the situation. My mom's car wouldn't start up in the morning so I had triple A come out and they confirmed it was a bad battery and had it replaced since the battery was leaking acid and had tons of corrosion already. After the battery tech replaced the battery, the car turned on fine but it would accelerate on its own up to 3k rpm and then go back to idle at 0 and that repeated until I turned the car off. I didn't drive it at all because it didn't seem safe and the tech advised just to tow it to a shop to figure out the issue. The car has about 89k miles on it and is serviced regularly. Is this issue even worth looking into based on the cars mileage and age? Let me know if I need to provide anymore info, again I'm not very car savvy. Thanks.

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