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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), or simply the Super Nintendo, is a 16bit gaming console released by Nintendo in 1990. The Super Nintendo was one of the best sellers of its time and still has a large fanbase today.

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SNES No Power Problem

Hello, I have a SNES that stopped working when I tripped over its cord and the console fell. The console itself still looks fine cosmetically. However something inside got messed up and now it will not show any signs of life. I plug it in and no red light and nothing appears on the tv. I want to know what to look for that causes this problem when I open up the system. When I shake the console I hear things loose inside. Edit: the charger itself has a prong that is loose

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Hi @catlove ,

Here are the ifixit Super Nintendo Repair guides.

These will help you to open the console and inspect the damage.

If you’re not sure what to do after you’ve opened and inspected etc, post some images of the problem in your question. Here’s how to do this on ifixit Adding images to an existing question

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