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Earspeaker/Loudspeaker not working after screen and battery replaced?


I replaced my lcd display and battery recently but now I have no sound coming from the earspeaker and loudspeaker. The proximity sensor works just fine on my phone, but I can't hear anything.

No sound at all from the loudspeaker nor earspeaker. Any suggestions as to what may have caused my phone to be mute? It works if I use my headphones. I cleaned out the headphone port as well, so I dont think this is a problem with the headphone port, making it stuck in headphone mode.

Would replacing the headphone assembly fix my problem, or replacing the whole dock assembly do the trick? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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There is a possibility that you tore the connection between the #4 ribbon and the black dock speaker. It happens from time to time, and it is very hard to notice. Check for tears. As for the ear speaker, perhaps the #3 ribbon was damaged as well in the process. Sometimes these things are bent or twisted just enough that either prox sensor doesnt work, or the ear speaker doesnt work, or even both. So even though one works and the other doesnt, it does not mean it isnt damaged.

DIY for the #3 ribbon

iPhone 3GS Proximity Sensor Ribbon Replacement

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It is stuck in headphone mode

insert headphones

open ipod app

play a song for 5 secs

pause the song

restart phone

unplug headphones

This will reset the headphones setting

Fixed alot of issues that we otherwise couldn't.

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