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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Why Agitate & Fill/Rinse

Dear Sir,

My washer is not the one posted for this question (it wasn’t listed).

Mine is a Whirlpool top loader #WTW57ESVW1.

I want to find out what causes the wrong behavior, or how to troubleshoot it if nobody knows what’s wrong with it. This is what it does:

During the agitation cycle, if you lift the lid to look at the agitator, and then close the lid, the washer starts the fill cycle or rinse cycle so that it over-fills the tub, then continues to agitate. If I lift the lid again, it’ll do that again, and again until it’s overflowing (not that I got that far, but…just saying!).

What may be causing this wrong behavior? How can I troubleshoot it?


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What happens if you bang on the machine (especially near the timer control knob) instead of lifting the lid, does it behave the same way?


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What happens if you don’t lift the lid? If it works fine, then quit looking.

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Thanx for your answer.

If I don’t lift the lid, it works like expected.

But that’s not what I asked.

Let me ask another way:

Is the washer supposed to resume the same cycle’s function after opening and closing the lid during any part of the cycle?



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