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A mobile workstation released by HP in September 2013. It is included in the first generation HP ZBook line.

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Why does my laptop won't turn on?

I have spilled water on my laptop after closing it. after I wiped the laptop I turned it on but after that my laptop started to recover or reboot Idk so then my laptop was normal and I shut down the laptop and kept it in my bag in the morning when I switched on the power button it won’t turn even after several times. By the way I have a HP

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To better assist you please verify the model number of the laptop as shown on the information label on the bottom of the laptop.

In the meantime DO NOT try to charge or to turn on the laptop as it may be causing more damage if you do.



Probably a good idea to take out battery if possible?



Totally agree but if it was the device selected it is internal anyway and I didn't want to link the wrong hardware manual just in case it wasn't and it also had an internal battery.

Also the OP hasn't seemed too interested in replying as I posted my comment <1 hour after they did and there is still no response.

Oh well



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Mate take it somewhere and get the board an ipa clean you don't want the chemicals that they treat water with on the board any longer than necessary

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