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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Water is coming out from tub front front door.

Water is collecting in washer when off. Then spills on floor from tub. It will actually open door and gush all over house floor. I am in Texas and just went thru freeze. I turned water off to washing machine and it is still happening? I also unplugged it. Help

Update (02/26/2021)

I live in a condo, so do you think it is the water pressure from outside coming in . How do I get my washer to stop collecting water in tub and exploding on to my floor and house? Since I turned the water off to washer, should this stop now or is there a drain problem? I have been vacumning up the water and putting the machine on spin/drain cycle to empty it out. then up plugging it. Then in morning it is full again and the door explodes open and it happens again, ???

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Turn the valves off in the back where the connectors are.


Have done that. I turned valves off where they connect to water supply. And unplugged machine. Then in morning had another explosion of water out of front door of front load washer.


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When water pressure is to low, the water inlet valve will allow water to leak into the tub. My water heater froze up last week and I shut off the water to it and mine “upright” had about 5” of water in it after a day. Once I got water pressure back, it’s fine now.

Lubbock, TX

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