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The smaller, economical version of Samsung's tenth flagship Galaxy phone, released in February 2019. Shipped with Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Overheating after battery replacement? (Previously water damaged)

I've been getting into phone repair, have repaired a good amount of phones now. I bought an S10e off of someone locally, who claims it doesn’t turn on because it was previously water damaged. Upon opening the phone, it looked like someone had already tried to repair it or has repaired it in the past. The battery was strange, because it was smaller, leaving a bit more space on the sides of where the battery sits.

I bought a new screen because I thought the water damaged it, but it wasn’t the case because the screen still didn’t turn on. I then bought a new battery, and this one actually seems to be the right size. After connecting it, it turned on successfully.

The problem now was that it overheats. When it’s on, it drains fast and the top third of the phone is burning hot. It drains faster than it can charge, I think.

Do I have to open the shields for the cpu and add thermal paste, or open all the shields and clean with alcohol? Or only certain shields? Or is it the new battery? Or do I need to replace the board? If anyone needs additional information, let me know and I can help provide it to find the answer. Thank you.

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Water damage is not for beginners as there’s too many wildcards! What often happens is bad turns to worse quickly, and you usually end up throwing the phone out anyway. I know how to deal with it, but my rule is this:

  • No expensive parts (Ex: LCD)
  • If it’s too far gone, dump it while I’m ahead.
  • MUST BE CHEAP; 10-15% of the cost of a non water damaged device.

Try cleaning the board with IPA (99%+ preferred), and pray it works. If not, take this as a hard lesson on why water damage is not desirable. They’re cheap for a reason when people sell them because of it.

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Yea, those are good rules. Currently, I am returning the lcd and getting my money back because that luckily isn't the problem. Because of that, I onoy spent about 10 bucks for the new battery. But I'm still confused if even the new battery could be the problem, because why is the new battery bigger in size, and why is the old battery smaller? It's strange because they are both for this phone model, according to the labels...


@hd7075 Sounds like the board is shorting, especially if it keeps happening with a known good battery. It may clean up with IPA and work, but I wouldn't expect too much out of it knowing what you know.


So currently while it's off, it charges slowly even on fast charging, and then when I check the percent a second time, it drains a little. Can hardly go past 10%, and that's all I know.

So if I use the 99% IPA, should I also lift off some of the metal plates and clean them too? Idk if it has to be done for the cpu, memory, etc. That, or I don't know if I have to clean under those plates at all.


@hd7075 Yeah remove the shields or you're cleaning half of the board.


Ah okay, thank you. I'll hopefully get ahold of the IPA soon and I'll update you on the results.


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