Resistance readings at NEC capacitors

PS3 fat has YLOD. I found a few shorted capacitors, these seem to be a common failure. I'm replacing them and trying to verify with a DMM. I'm looking for either a schematic or an answer as to what resistance readings I should see with them removed. Mainly the bus nearest the RSX/CBE. Nearest RSX is reading around 3.9 ohms, nearest CBE is reading 1.9 ohms with capacitors REMOVED. Is this normal or do I have an issue elsewhere?

Update (03/04/2021)

Block Image

It's a salvage job to save it from the bin. Question is when resistance is measured between the pads closest to the CBE/RSX and ground. Not even sure if that'd be an accurate place to check since I'm probably reading through the two processors. Really, any insight to verify my capacitor replacement is satisfactory before I power it and potentially damage something.

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Between what two points do you measure the resistance? Between the pads for the capacitor or each pad to ground? Either way 4 and 2 Ohm resistance is pretty low.


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