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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Android smartphone. Released in August of 2020.

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stuck n sh*t outta luck Samsung Galaxy N20 5G

So my old man surprised me with the latest from Samsung. the note 20 5G, unfortunately whom ever he bought it from failed to tell him that there is a sim stuck in the phone w/o the sim tray. he did tell him that the tray was “the ONLY” thing missing so we ordered new phone cases, sim tray, protective gear screen, camera, and case{“Otter Box"] plus an extra sim card but cant use none of it if i cant retrieve or dislodge the sim PLEASE ANY HELLLLP

thank you

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The safest way is to open the phone and get to the SIM card that way.

Trying to remove it from the outside will most probably only damage the card reader. Also doing it this way could possibly cause electrical problems, even if the phone is switched off, because the card may be shifting across the board and shorting out things as it is being moved, which normally would not happen if it were in a tray.

There is always power available on the systemboard when the phone is off. The power on/off button is not a power isolating button. Its function is to signal the OS what the user wants to do. Think of the phone being in an extremely low power state when off and that it is not isolated from any power supply i.e. the battery

Here’s a teardown video for the phone which may help.

If doing this yourself seems too daunting, contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service and ask for a quote. Given how new the model is, in the end it may be worth doing it this way as the repairer will have the necessary tools and expertise to do the repair. Also they will bear the responsibility if it goes wrong.

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Can't stress enough the importance of reputable professional. Not everyone owning a phone repair shop is a professional. In the end they could just do what jayeff said not to do and damage the phone further


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